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We ensure that the well-being of our staff, community and the environment is integral to everything we do.


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We create and deliver new value for our customers and the business in alignment with our vision.

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Delma - Feed is a sub-company and was born after years of experience in manufacturing to outstanding companies around the world. We believe in the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables.

 Hence continually develop our IQF Fruits and Vegetables and provide them to more markets worldwide. 

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What makes our products so special?

Delma - Feed is dedicated to providing its clientele worldwide with high-quality IQF frozen fruits and vegetables.  All our leading clients and companies use our products to make distinctive and delicious end products.

What makes our products so special? Primarily our location. Morocco has the perfect climate for growing the best fruits and vegetables. The Soil is rich with all the essential elements. Also, all our farms focus on employing and training the best labourers to ensure that our clients receive their hand - picked products in perfect condition. Furthermore, Delma feed has an exceptional process line and well-trained team implementing a culture of safety and visual selection for all products. 

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